5 Ways To Survive The Effect Of Harmattan In Nigeria

5 Things You Need To Survive The Effect Of Harmattan In Nigeria

Harmattan is a harsh season that occurs between the end of November and the beginning of March in areas closer to the Sahara/Gulf of Guinea that face the wind. Dry sandy northeast trade winds blowing from the Sahara desert characterize it. This makes it difficult to simply breathe in the weather.

During harmattan, the temperature is always quite cold in the morning and at night, while the weather is hot during the day, the humidity is extremely low, and the air is dusty. The skin dries up fast as a result of this, and the wind can be particularly taxing on the respiratory system.

Despite the harshness of the season, we can mitigate its effects by putting in place the necessary safeguards. The following is a list of things that can help you cope with the unpleasant impacts of the harmattan season on your body:


1. Moisturize with Vaseline/Moisturizers

Vaseline stops the body and lips from drying out, tired, and cracking. It is convenient to have Vaseline, lip balm, or moisturizers with you everywhere you go.
By slowing evaporation, a skin moisturizer raises the water content of the skin.


2. Put on more protective clothing

Our clothing also helps to reduce the harmful effects of harmattan on the skin. It is recommended that you dress warmly in the mornings and evenings to assist keep your body warm, and then loosen up your clothing as the day progresses.

When it’s dusty, make sure you use a mask or a towel to cover your nose and mouth.

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3. Drink a lot of water

Make an effort to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluid, primarily water. Because dehydration is common at this time, it’s necessary to avoid fizzy drinks and drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day to replace the fluid lost in the body. It also aids the effective operation of the systems.


4. Increase the amount of time you spend indoors

If you can avoid any outdoor activities, now is the best time to do so to protect your respiratory system and your entire body from dust and severe weather.

If you suffer from allergies, it’s advisable to stay indoors and close the doors and windows to avoid inhaling dangerous particles carried by the wind. Also, stay away from dusty locations.


5. Get plenty of vitamin C

Catarrh is always prevalent during this season, thus taking Vitamin C to combat the bad effects of dust on the system can help to lower the chances of catching the flu, also known as catarrh.

Finally, because the harmattan period is marked by increased soreness and sensitivity of the skin, extreme caution is essential to avoid cuts and bruises to the body. Fires are also common, and as a result, caution is essential.


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