Eight Reasons You Should Be Growing Your Own Vegetables and Herbs

Eight Reasons You Should Be Growing Your Own Vegetables and Herbs



Herbs are plants that have long been used to enhance the flavor of foods while also providing numerous health advantages. They may be obtained in most supermarkets and farmers’ markets during the spring and summer. Growing herbs is an excellent place to start if you’re interested in cooking and want to establish a garden. They are simple to cultivate with the correct quantity of sun, water, and organic soil.


This year, there are eight reasons why you should start planting your own herb garden:


1. They’re Fresh — While purchasing herbs from the shop may appear to be simple, fresh herbs can soon go bad. With your own herb garden, you may have whatever herb you desire on hand, fresh, without having to rely on dried herbs.


2. Save Money — Herbs can be expensive at grocery shops or even farmers’ markets, especially if you’re trying to prepare a large batch of sauce or pesto. You may simply save money by harvesting herbs from your garden without worrying about running out because more will develop from your initial seed or starter plant expenditure.


3. So Beneficial – Fresh herbs provide numerous health advantages. The majority of them are anti-inflammatory, strong in antioxidants, and improve digestion. All of these advantages can be obtained from your own herb garden without the use of pesticides.

4. Herbs Are Beautiful and Smell Fantastic – Herbs have a strong scent and are visually appealing. If you want to add a few flashes of color, like violet from lavender, they’re perfect. Another option is feverfew, which resembles miniature daisies with a bright yellow core and white petals.

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5. Easy to Grow — Most herbs are rather simple to grow, making them less stressful and more enjoyable than other garden plants. Herbs can be grown outside or indoors, on windowsills or other areas of the house with enough light.


6. More Variety — A home herb garden may provide variety that most stores cannot. There are hundreds of herbs from which to choose, and the decision is entirely yours.


7. They Help with Pest Control — Plant herbs like basil, lavender, or rosemary in your yard if you’re having difficulties keeping insects and other pests out. Because of their powerful odors, these plants are renowned to repel pests.

8. Delicious Flavor – The best flavor comes from fresh herbs. This is because when herbs are harvested, they emit an oil that gives them their flavor. This oil breaks down quickly, which is why herbs are best when plucked fresh and have such a rich flavor.


As you can see, there are numerous advantages to cultivating your own herb garden. Your taste buds and budget will thank you in the long run, and you won’t have to make multiple visits to the store to keep fresh herbs on hand.


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