Everything You Need to Know About Conch Piercings, According To A Pro Piercer

The conch piercing is one of the most popular ear piercings, and for good reason.

With its different placement options (inner or outer) and types of jewelry (studs vs hoops), it offers a variety that other cartilage piercings cannot match.

It is the most lust-worthy ear piercing is the conch.

There’s inner versus outer placement, as well as stud or hoop types of jewelry to pair with it.

Rhianna Jones, head piercer at The Circle in London, England and board-certified dermatologist Dr. Susan Bard of Vive Dermatology have an interesting perspective on conch piercing pain.

As well as some insight into cleanliness concerns to answer some questions about the process.

Conch Piercing

What is a Conch Piercing?

A conch piercing is located in the center part of your ear that has more room. You can choose to get an inner or outer one based on what suits you best, depending on the shape of your ears.

If you’re looking for a way to make your ears stand out, the outer conch piercing might be just what you need.

This is one of several piercings that can accentuate and enhance ear shape by puncturing through its cartilage rather than directly into it with an earring or stud. You know those large hoop rings?

They work especially well here because they draw attention away from the middle of the face where other people will focus their gaze first when talking with someone.

Hoop jewelry has been around since ancient times as symbols of power and authority – perfect if you want something edgy but not necessarily permanent.

Pain and Healing Time

The pain of a conch piercing will vary based on each person’s personal tolerance. Jones says that any ear-piercing is painful to some extent, however the cartilage means it will likely be more uncomfortable than lobe piercings.

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It takes anywhere from three to nine months for the healing process. This varies due to how well aftercare is followed and your overall health.

Generally speaking, cartilage piercings take longer than lobe piercings which typically last six-eight weeks before they are fully healed.

Cost of Conch Piercing

The cost of having a conch piercing could vary depending on where you get it done, who does the piercing and what materials are used.

Conch piercings can range anywhere from $30 to upwards of over 300 dollars for more intricate pieces with precious gems or metals set into them.

It can range from $40 to hundreds or even thousands for custom-designed pieces with higher value diamonds.

The most common types are standard barbells (a straight post attached by a ball at each end) that typically run between $50-$100; curved barbells ($75); captive bead rings ($60).

Conch Piercing

Which encircle your ear horizontally rather than vertically; circular hoops in various sizes ranging anywhere from around thirty dollars up to over one hundred fifty per pair.

Flat discs called disks, usually made out of titanium alloy with an acrylic center insert that is both colorful as well comfortable while being strong enough.

Side Effects of Piercing

As with any procedure, there are a few possible risks and side effects of ear piercing. These can include infection from dirty equipment or improper sterilization techniques used by the piercer.

A small percentage may also have adverse allergic reactions to certain metals that might be in their jewelry such as nickel, gold alloyed with palladium or lower-quality stainless steel.

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There are many side effects of piercing, it can also get infected if the earring is not properly cleaned after each use or sometimes even before using them in pierced ears so that there will be no dirt sticking to your new jewelry.

Also, you might have a reaction to certain metals causing an allergic reaction which could result in redness and swelling around where you were pierced at home leading to infection as well.Conch Piercing

How to Change Out a Conch Piercing

Wearing earrings is a very common practice with everyone, men and women. Also you can see many girls wearing different types of jewelry like rings, bracelets etc

But there are some people who choose to wear unique kinds of fashion accessories such as teeth jewelery or body piercing which include the various kinds of piercings in ears.

For example so I am going to share how you can change your conch piercing if it becomes dull after using eternally by yourself at home without any help from others.

When you get a conch piercing, the jewelry is put in with an open flame. If this procedure isn’t done properly or carefully enough, bacteria from your mouth can enter through that opening and cause infection.

It’s not all too common for there to be complications with piercings like these because they’re typically cleaned very well before being placed into anyone’s ear canal.

But things do happen occasionally where it might seem as if nothing has been going on at first.

Except some tenderness around the area of penetration which then becomes more painful over time.

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Conch Piercing

Even though no signs of anything wrong are visible upon visual inspection nor does any evidence present itself when performing a physical exam either internally or externally.

So my advice would have to be keep an eye out just in case something happens.

What are the types of Jewelry Used in Conch Piercing?

Professional jewelry is typically used for conch piercings because it’s easy to maintain and can be taken out if there are any issues.

It should last at least three months, but you’ll want to make sure that the ball isn’t too small or tight in your ear when inserted so as not to irritate skin further.

You may need professional assistance removing one , since doing it yourself could cause damage which will require medical help anyway.

The piece itself should also fit comfortably without being too large or deep in order avoid future irritation which requires another trip back into a piercing parlor.

What Jewelry Material Is Used for Conch Piercing?

The question about what jewelry material is used for a conch piercing can be answered simply. Conch piercings are usually done with 14 karat gold.

This offers an easy way to remove the earrings when you need or want to change them out. This metal also fits nicely in most people’s ears and doesn’t irritate their skin like some other metals might do.


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