Good News For Women Who Wants To Get Rid Of Vagina Infection

Are you tired of perceiving that oozing smell from your vagina whenever you are about to engage with your partner in a sexual activity?

Are you tired of experiencing stubborn vagina infections that just refuse to go away?  Worry yourself no more

I have got great news for you. It’s the Cookie Vitamins from the Fresh Cookie Lab. Cookie Vitamin is a Boric acid suppository that helps to assist women dealing with an odor or yeast infection. The Cookie Vitamins are made with just one single ingredient- which is the Medical grade Boric Acid powder.

Are you aware that Boric acid is a mineral salt and cannot be classified as a drug but as a supplement?

Fresh Cookie lab is the first feminine hygiene brand to launch in Nigeria and it still remains as the topmost brand available till date.

This awesome product from Fresh Cookie Lab was launched in 2020 by Anne Oluchi Ifediba, a yoni steam facilitator who is currently undergoing a course in Women’s health and hormone. She has vast experience in herbalism and knows exactly how to assist women who are suffering from one form of infection that’s related to the vagina.

Anne had always had a passion for women’s reproductive health and wellness, owing to the fact there have always been sealed lips most especially when it had to do with topics majoring in reproductive and vagina health. She was aware of how people, most especially females, were skeptical about disclosing things or asking questions that had to do with their vaginas to another person. Such questions include: is it right to see discharge or color? Should I be worried, I am itching down there. How do I know if my period is flowing normally?

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The CEO of Fresh Cookie Lab is one that is popularly known for being intrigued, particularly by topics that others tend to avoid, which she explores and then talks about openly. That was what she did with the topics centered on female reproductive organs and health since it was intentionally often avoided.

She pioneered talks on how to care for the vagina on Instagram, where she got increased followers based on her daring act to share such sensitive matters openly. Furthermore,the launch of her brand has helped over 5,000 women who were dealing with Bacterial vaginosis , yeast infection and other hormone problems.

Anne explained that the core of her brand is only using herbal products/ remedies to help women live a healthy vagina life. In a recent interview, she disclosed that most of the women that have benefited from the brand are people who are tired of going back to hospitals over and over again for the same issue. She believed that modern-day medicine was not designed to cure anyone. The drugs and tips they give are only to manage whatever illness an individual has.

Although she believes that modern-day medicine is beneficial and helpful to mankind and as such can be combined with other natural alternatives.


I am a practising physician and medical expert also a blogger and content creator

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