Horse Gram for Weight Loss: Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Horse gram is a legume that’s been used for centuries to add depth and texture in many cuisines. It has also shown impressive health benefits, including weight loss properties.

Horse gram is a hard, white seed that grows on the fruit of some varieties of curry plants. It has been used in Indian cuisine for centuries and can be found throughout much if not all parts India today.

This article reviews how to make sure you’re using it correctly as well as its health benefits and side effects.

What is horse gram?

A fascinating plant from Asia, horse gram is a type of legume that has been cultivated for thousands and eaten by many cultures.

For those who know how to cook it right with their signature twist—these dry beans are not just tasty but also provide an interesting texture in dishes like dal or curry.

Horse Gram

Horse gram seeds are a type of legume that can be sprouted, boiled or fried. They have been used in centuries in various dishes and medicine to treat many conditions including fever, infections, hemorrhoids kidney stones.

Horse Gram Seeds  are usually found deep within the ground where they grow really well with little maintenance needed which makes them our favorite go-to crops when growing sustainable food sources close by.


When it comes to your health, there is no one-size fits all treatment.

However, many people believe that horse gram can help with dieting and weight loss because they are high in fiber which helps curb appetite by filling you up faster than other types of food.

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Horse Gram

While still providing the nutrients required for bodily functions such as cellular repair mechanisms or tissue regeneration.

The most common use case scenario would be someone who wants more energy throughout their day.

But doesn’t have time during breakfast which would cause them delays before starting work on tasks at hand.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Horse gram.

Rich in important nutrients

If you’re looking for a protein-rich food that will help with blood sugar levels, horse gram is the answer.

In addition to being high in both fiber and nutrients like other legumes; it also contains many vitamins such as iron which can support your body’s systems all over.

Horse Gram

This legume is a nutritional powerhouse, not only providing essential vitamins and minerals but also including many other important nutrients like iron.

Which helps with oxygen transport as well as DNA production. Vitamin C plays an integral part in immune function while its benefits for skin health are beyond explanation.

Phosphorus is a vital mineral used in the body’s cells to produce energy and function properly.

Without it, we would not be able do so many important processes for our bodies like grow muscles or heal wounds.

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May help promote weight loss

Horse gram is a food that can help you lose weight. Studies show it contains fiber and protein, two nutrients important for managing one’s dietary intake.

In order to maintain optimum health status while also reducing the risk of obesity.

which may explain why eating more legumes like horse grams seems linked with lower body mass index (BMI) measurements than those without access or consumption on this type of crop.

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Horse Gram

A review conducted by Harvard Medical School researchers found 28 studies linking higher bean/legume diets not only to reduce BMI.

But have been associated with an increased amount of lean tissue over time too.

A study by researchers at the University of Mississippi Medical Center suggests that horse gram supplements may reduce weight gain in animals fed on a high-sugar diet.

The extract from these plants protected against obesity and allowed them to eat less than normal without sacrificing their energy needs.

A recent animal study showed that rats who consumed horse gram extract for 5 weeks lost weight.

Another research paper reported reduced food intake and increased energy expenditure in overweight or obese animals fed a diet containing this ingredient.

When it comes to horse gram, the research is limited and not much has been done on humans.

Horse Gram

I’m sure there are many benefits but more studies need be conducted before we can say for certain what they do or don’t do in terms of human health effects.

May improve heart health

Horse gram has been used for centuries to improve heart health and reduce several risk factors of getting a deadly disease.

A 5-week study in rats with high cholesterol showed that when they were given an extract from horse gram, their levels dropped significantly.

Specifically LDL (bad) cholesterol which is associated with increased chances on your own personal mortality rate due this condition as well even if you’re not diabetic or obese.

Horse gram has been shown in animal studies to reduce several markers of inflammation, which may help contribute toward chronic conditions such as heart disease.

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Human research suggests that increased legume intake leads to lower risk for this type of illness too.

Potential side effects

Horse gram is a healthy, yet potentially side effect-inducing food. For one thing it contains raffinose oligosaccharides which may cause gas and bloating during digestion due to their ability as prebiotics (food for gut bacteria).

Rarely, people have experienced allergic reactions to raw horse gram, the antinutrients in it can interfere with minerals like iron absorption.

Cooking, soaking and sprouting seeds prior to consumption may help significantly decrease the content of phytic acid that’s found in these foods. This increases nutrient absorption as well.

How to use horse gram

Horse gram is the secret ingredient that makes your favorite dishes come to life. It can be found in soups, stir frys or curries and dals because it has a unique flavor while also adding an interesting texture.

Adding the horse gram seeds to your diet is an easy way to add more nutrients and flavor while still enjoying delicious dishes.

You can now reap all of these benefits by following simple steps that involve soaking or sprouting them before boiling, then adding spices like;


-cumin powder (or even curry)

– black peppercorns etc

Grinding them into a fine powder with some other herbs & spices if you want; once cool enough mix together well so it becomes absorbed quickly when eating.

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