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Lacrimal Bone: Function And Treatment 

The lacrimal bones, or frontal bones as they are known, are located in the eye socket and consist of two surfaces: one facing the nose and the other facing the eye.

When it comes to eyes, there are a lot of things that can go wrong and breaking of the lacrimal bone isn’t excluded. No matter how careful one tries to be, optics do break down sooner or later.

The pair of bones sitting at the front of the orbit, closest to the corner of the eye, are called the Lacrimal Bones.

They are important because they support your eyeball and keep it functioning correctly.

These rectangular bone pieces each have a quadrilateral shape. The frontal bone forms the upper and front part of the skull and upper facial skeleton.

To which muscles attach and move, allowing it to form part of the orbit (eye socket).

It also makes up about two-thirds of the upper jaw and forms part of other structures, such as flaring out at its upper extremity to create part of the cheekbone.

Face fractures can be inflicted with the lacrimal bone. Efforts to decrease pain, swelling, and inflammation may involve rest.Lacrimal bone

But reconstructive surgery is usually necessary for more severe injuries.

Anatomy Of The Lacrimal Bone

The lacrimal bones can be a few different shapes, depending on the individual.

The rectangular-shaped lacrimal bones are analogous in size to the small fingernail of a cat.

Of the bones of the skull, the lacrimal ones make up part of an eye socket and have four borders and two surfaces. Seen from a side view, it is hidden behind the nasal bone.

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Situated right in front of the orbit by your nose, these two small bones are the eyeballs’ support. Usually covered by the eyelid, they are located between your pupil and browbone.

The lacrimal bone’s orbital surface curves around an indentation on the eyelid called the lacrimal fossa, which is located below the ridge of the eye socket.

The crest over this indentation is called the posterior lacrimal crest and sits to one side of the ocular orbit.

This crest’s anterior side is smooth to receive tears for further cleansing after they drain through the lacrimal canal.

A groove on the nasal surface of the nasal bone forms a middle part of the dark upper bridge of the nose.

A hole called a meatus is behind it and is between a lacrimal and maxilla, of which a tear duct is a part of.

This particular bone supports the eyelid and creates the ‘blanket’ that makes up the eye socket.

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The ring of muscle fibers function to both help close our eyes as well as helps to drain liquids, like tears, away from the surface of the eyes so it does not overflow.

Functions Of The Lacrimal Bone

Lacrimal bones are facial bones that act as drainage system components.

The lacrimal bone acts as part of the tear production mechanism for eyelids, and moves tears to the nasal cavity via the nasolacrimal duct.

The lacrimal bones support the orbital cavity and help build up the surrounding structures for the eye.

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They also add structure to the surrounding systems such as glands and ducts of tears, which belong to the lacrimal system.

Associated Conditions

Humans all have fragile bodies. It’s important to know what you can and can’t handle so that you don’t put undue stress on your body or risk harming it in any way.Lacrimal bone

Lacrimal bones are extremely fragile, so it’s best not to hit them with blunt force or treat carelessly.

Instead, you should try to avoid this by protecting your face or eyes if you are sparring with someone who tends to throw punches at your face or eyes.

As the lacrimal bone is part of the eye socket, any damage will result in severe injuries like broken blood vessels or even blindness.

Because the bones in the eye are so small and they’re located in a delicate area near critical body parts, it can be easier for them to break if you don’t take proper care of yourself.

In particular, bone fractures above the eye could potentially cause damage to the brain and orbital fractures.

One might suspect- could tear apart or rupture your lacrimal ducts or tear your ocular muscles from their attachment.

Orbital fractures can be spotted by an ophthalmologist thanks to the involvement of tools.

Such as the sclerectomy blade, orbital ultrasonography, or computed tomography.

Eye doctors have to be especially careful with their patients’ eyes. Straining can cause eye strain which can lead to permanent damage or even blindness.

In the case of a traumatic injury, an ophthalmologist may be involved in the care, especially if vision or eye motion damage is a concern.

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The nasolacrimal duct is found within the inner corner of your eye which can become blocked with different conditions, including infections.

If you are suffering from blocked tear ducts it will lead to you constantly having dry eyes.

Or needing to have tissues on hand to help wipe them while taking away the discharge that frequent tears may bring on.


Fractures to the bones of the eyes and face are often treated by surgeons called maxillofacial surgeons, who repair broken bones around the eyes, nose, mouth and jaw.

If a bone in your body is cracked, you may be able to rely on non-surgical methods in order to heal the injury just fine.

However, if the bone broke into pieces, sure where one or both of them move out of place, surgical intervention might be needed.

The same goes for tears to the nasolacrimal duct which might need surgical repair in some cases.

Lacrimal bones can be difficult to locate and reattach, and this requires the surgeon to use a host of different methods depending on their situation.

Since there are so many options possible, we suggest either recognizing or making sure your medical expert.

Who is trained in handling these operations has an abundance of tools at their disposal during surgery so they can handle any situation that might arise.

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