The Dangerous Hard Drug “Mkpuru Mmiri” And Its Side Effects

The Dangerous Hard Drug “Mkpuru Mmiri” And Its Side Effects

The intake of methamphetamine in Africa has become a source of concern, as many young people are wasted on a daily basis as a result of addiction. It’s a recreational substance that’s a powerful brain stimulant. In the southeastern portion of Nigeria, it is known as “mkpuru Mmiri.”

It is an illegal substance that has effects comparable to cocaine and raises the brain’s natural levels of dopamine and norepinephrine. This drug’s propensity to rapidly release dopamine in the reward centers of the brain promotes drug-taking behavior, making the user want to take it again (addiction).

Mkpuru mmiri has several street names, including cranks, chalk, ice, speed, mkpuru mmiri, meth, and crystal, due to its physical appearance of glass pieces, glossy or fragmented blue-white pebbles. It dissolves quickly in water and alcohol, making it injectable or orally ingestible.


Intake Methods And Their Consequences

Methamphetamine can be consumed in one of two ways.

Injection ( after dissolved in water or alcohol)Smoking
Swallowing (ingestion)
Methamphetamine creates an immediate, powerful “rush” or bliss that lasts for a few minutes when smoked or injected.

Snorting produces a euphoric high within 3 to 5 minutes of consumption, rather than the intense surge. Within 20 minutes, the oral effects are noticeable.

The effects of the medicine might last anywhere from 6 to 24 hours, depending on how it is used.

Methamphetamine Side Effects

Methamphetamine’s effects are comparable to cocaine’s, so I’ll break it down into short-term and long-term effects for a better understanding.

Effects in the Short-Term

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Physical activity and increased wakefulness
Appetite decreases
Breathing more quickly
Increased blood pressure and body temperature due to rapid/irregular heartbeat
Fatigue is reduced.
A sense of power and self-control as a result of increased concentration
Euphoria is a pleasant feeling of well-being.
Effects in the Long Run
Extreme calorie restriction
Severe dental issues (sometimes known as “meth mouth”)
Itching that causes skin blisters as a result of scratching
Changes in the structure and function of the brain
Loss of memory ( insomnia)
Problems with sleep
Acts of violence (aggression)
Extreme and irrational distrust of others is known as paranoia.
Hallucinations are sensations and visuals that appear to be real but aren’t.

The use of methamphetamine can result in the following health issues:

Stroke and heart problems
Parkinson’s disease and tooth decay
Injecting methamphetamine puts users at a higher risk of getting infectious diseases including HIV and hepatitis B and C.

Contact with blood or other bodily fluids on drug equipment can spread these infections.

Methamphetamine use can also affect judgment and decision-making, leading to dangerous behaviors like unprotected sex, which increases infection risk.

There are no controls over the contents of the medicine because it is made and marketed illegally. Unknown compounds that may be present pose a risk of toxicity.

Due to a lack of food or a bad diet, an individual’s general health may decline. It’s possible that severe weight loss could occur, which will have an impact on a person’s capacity to think, learn, understand, and recall. They may be perplexed and worried.

Financial strains, work-related issues, and family relationship issues are also social implications of long-term use.

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Some of these alterations could be long-term.


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