These Are The Best Sanitary Pads In Nigeria In 2022

These Are The Best Sanitary Pads In Nigeria In 2022

Females use sanitary pads to absorb or trap blood during their monthly flows or any other condition that causes blood to flow out of their private parts, as we all know. In this piece, I’ll share the findings of our team’s study of sanitary pad options for women in Nigeria’s south-eastern region.

According to the findings of the team, the following are some of the most popular sanitary pad products in the region:


Individual preferences aside, the most commonly used and trusted sanitary pad is always the sanitary pad. No wonder they are not just Nigeria’s leading brand, but also the world’s, as they are available in a variety of forms to fulfill the needs of those with heavy and light flows.

Always use a sanitary pad that is meant to provide comfort, hold blood for a longer amount of time (up to eight hours), and prevent stains.


This is another popular choice among Nigerian women because it is well-designed to fit into various types of undergarments and provide maximum comfort. It also helps to keep blood in place during heavy flows and avoids leaks due to the wings.

Virony sanitary pads are inexpensive, cause no irritation, and have a pleasant aroma.


Many girls choose the Longrich sanitary pad, which is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This pad brand keeps you dry for a long time, provides comfort, and prevents infections or itching that other kinds don’t.

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They are the best in terms of hygiene and are quite simple to use.


Another brand that is gaining traction in the country, it is skin-friendly and comes in a variety of options for ladies to choose from, depending on their flow. Heavy flow users will benefit from the Molped maxi thick sanitary pads, while light flow users would benefit from the Ultrasoft extra-long sanitary pads.

Molped sanitary pads have a highly engineered absorbent channel system consisting of Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) that keeps the liquid locked in, providing 100% leak prevention and non-irritation due to its unique cotton-soft and nylon-free qualities.


Angel’s secret is light and fluffy, and it provides a lot of comfort. It’s a JMOA product that uses a negatively charged ion strip. It not only absorbs nicely, but it also gives ladies a feeling of freshness and vitality. It is inexpensive and offers numerous health benefits for women.



This company is one of the oldest in the pad industry, having introduced the first beltless pad in 1974. Stayfree sanitary pads have ThermoControl technology, which eliminates moisture quickly, as well as flexible layers. Stayfree is a low-cost option.


Sankin Nigeria Ltd’s Ladycare is one of the most popular in the country.
Despite the fact that many people have complained about discomfort while using it, the Ladycare brand of sanitary pads in Nigeria offers a wide range of quality and features that help it stand out in the market. It’s one of the most affordable options for ladies who can’t afford other brands.

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In Nigeria, Ladysept is a well-known brand that is used for both menstruation and postpartum. Because of its sterile or hygienic character, experts recommend this brand. It is frequently prescribed for women who have recently given birth and are having postpartum hemorrhage.



Drylove is gaining popularity in the market since it is soft on the skin and contains no harsh chemicals that can irritate it. It’s also made to fit a lady’s privates exactly, delivering extra comfort. Dry love includes wings that keep the pad in place and prevent it from shaking or slipping off.


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