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Tragus Piercing : How It Works And Aftercare

Tragus Piercing or ear lobe piercings, as we’ve come to know them – are achieved through piercing small pieces of cartilage over the entrance to the ear canal

A tragus piercing is a little piece of cartilage that lies on top of your ear canal and partially conceals it. The outer ear is made up of cartilage and skin in terms of anatomy. While the fleshy lobe is still the most popular choice among traditionalists wishing to get pierced, cartilage locations such as the tragus may intrigue individuals searching for something different or in addition to their already pierced lobe.

Howell claims that “We’re looking for a little flat region that will support being pierced as piercers. Tragus piercings look wonderful on almost everyone if their ear is compatible.”

You may have also heard of a surface tragus piercing, which is done in the same area as a tragus piercing but just pierces the skin rather than the cartilage. However, because the jewelry is worn beneath the skin, there is a greater chance that the body would reject it, treating it as a foreign item that must be pushed out.

Tragus piercing procedure

Your piercer will conduct the following to perform a tragus piercing:

Use pure water and a medical-grade disinfectant to clean your tragus.

With a nontoxic pen or marker, indicate the area to be punctured.

In the labeled area of the tragus, insert a sterile needle and pull it out the opposite side.

Place jewelry in the piercing you’ve chosen ahead of time.

Stop the piercing from bleeding.

To make sure the area is completely clean, clean it again with water and disinfectant.

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Jewelry Is Used for Tragus Piercing

Some popular choices of jewelry for a tragus piercing include:

Studs: they are a fantastic alternative for tragus piercings because they are small and straightforward. A ball stud is good for a fresh piercing because it has smooth edges that are less likely to snag on hair and clothing. You can be more daring with your studs after it heals.
An earring having balls on both ends and a bar in the middle is known as a barbell.

Tragus barbells:  these will be smaller than the majority of barbells. This is another wonderful option for a first piercing because it’s simple to insert and clean.

Hoops: Tiny hoops are another tragus piercing option, although we recommend waiting until your piercing has healed before trying hoops with unusual shapes or textures.

Tragus treatment piercing

Side effects and precautions of Tragus Piercing

Infections“Be aware that this location of the ear has poor blood supply, which puts tragus piercing at higher risk of infectionThe likelihood of these side effects is reduced if the piercing is done by professional and proper aftercare is followed. 
If you experience any discomfort or redness, speak with your dermatologist to determine the best treatment option for you.

A piercing infection might cause the following symptoms:

The warmth from the piercing that doesn’t go away or grows worse over time redness or inflammation from the piercing that doesn’t go away after 2 weeks persistent pain, especially if it gets worse over time bleeding that doesn’t stop pus that is dark in color or has a strong, unpleasant odor

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After a piercing, anticipate being swollen for roughly 48 hours. However, swelling that lasts longer than that could indicate that the piercing was not done properly. If this is the case, see a doctor or your piercer right away.

How to Recognize and Treat a Tragus Piercing That Has Been Infected

It is common to have the following symptoms for about 2 weeks:

Redness and heat radiating from the area

Transparent or light yellow seepage from the wound throbbing and sharp pains around the area.

Any piercing leaves an open wound that might take up to eight weeks to heal.

However, piercings of cartilage, such as the tragus, can take a long time to heal.

Many of the symptoms of infection are caused by the body’s natural defense system attempting to combat the infection.

Remember that the tragus is a little pointed patch of cartilage on the external ear’s inner side. It partially covers the path to the hearing organs and is located in front of the ear’s entrance.

Obviously, the tragus is a popular location for ear piercings, and while they might look wonderful, they can easily become infected if not properly cared for.

Causes of Tragus Piercing Infection

The tragus is also the word for the hair that develops in the ears, and an infection can occur for a variety of reasons:

Hair: Hair that hangs down can expose an ear piercing to more bacteria, making it more prone to infection. Long hair can also get trapped in the piercing, irritate it, impede it from healing, and put you at risk of infection.

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Healing time: The longer it takes for a piercing to heal, the more likely it is to become infected.

Lack of oxygen: Infection can also be caused by earrings that are too tight and do not allow enough area for the wound to breathe.

Over-touching: If an earring is rough, prompting a person to touch it continuously, or if the piercing is not treated carefully, an infection might develop.

Hygiene: Touching the wound with dirty or sterile hands or utensils might transfer bacteria to the piercing, resulting in infection.

However, it’s common to have these symptoms for the first two weeks after your piercing, also throbbing mild discomfort redness for a short time transparent or light yellow discharge with a modest heat or warmth

Although your piercing will not be fully healed for another eight weeks, these symptoms should only persist a week or two following the piercing. If you detect any unexpected changes, contact your piercer right once.

If you have any of the following infection signs, you should consult your piercer:


What are the treatment options for Tragus Piercing Infection?

Some infections may necessitate a doctor’s prescription. The following are some common therapeutic options:

Antibiotics are taken by mouth (swallowing of antibiotic pills)
Topical antibiotics and steroid creams also.
Piercings usually heal completely once they’ve been treated properly.


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