Unable to Control Emotions : What to Know About it


What is it that you are unable to control your emotions? you’re not able to manage your emotions?

If people aren’t able to control their emotions their behavior could be disruptive or insensitive to the setting or situation.

Anger, sadness, anxieties, and fear are only some of the emotions that a person might experience.

Uncontrollable emotions may be temporary. It can be due to an issue such as an increase in blood sugar or exhaustion resulting due to lack of sleep.

But, there are some who experience an inability to control their emotions due to an ongoing condition. It is important to recognize when you should seek assistance since being unable to manage your emotions may hinder your everyday life.

What are emotional outbursts?

Emotional outbursts are also known in the field of emotion lability refers to sudden fluctuations in the expression of emotions when exaggerated or strong emotions and feelings are experienced.

This condition is often affecting those who have an existing condition or who have suffered brain injury previously.

Certain people suffering from mental health issues, such as BPD, also known as a borderline personality disorder (BPD) may also experience unstable emotions, however due to different reasons other than neurological issues.

Young woman emotionally drained after therapy session with psychologist

Examples of such unregulated outbursts can include:

sudden irritability
tears or tears or
Feeling angry, but not understanding what caused it.
angered outbursts
Patients who have suffered a stroke may also be affected by the emotional vulnerability.

What can be the reasons of not being able to control emotions?
The reasons behind being unable to control their emotions may vary. Certain children might not be able to manage how they feel when they are anxious or stressed. They could throw tantrums or cry outbursts.

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Children usually begin to gain greater self-control as they grow older.

There are exceptions to this for children, such as those with an illness like:

adjustment disorder
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
oppositional defiant disorder

Other symptoms that are related to being unable to manage emotions are:

alcohol dependence disorder
an antisocial personality disorder
Asperger’s Syndrome
bipolar disorder
use of drugs
head injury
Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
postpartum depression
post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
A lot of these ailments require ongoing treatment to help people control their moods.

What exactly are signs of not being able to manage emotions?

People manage or control their emotions on a regular basis. They make decisions about:

What emotions do they feel
When they are in possession of them
how they perceive their experiences with
Controlling emotions is a routine for certain people. Some people’s emotions are automatic.

Lonely young latina woman sitting on bed. Depressed hispanic girl at home, looking away with sad expression.

Some of the symptoms associated with not being able to control their emotions are:

feeling overwhelmed by emotions
fearful of expressing emotions
Feeling angry, but not understanding the reason
Feeling out of control
You are having trouble understanding why you are feeling this way
using alcohol or drugs to cover up your emotions or “numb” your emotions
Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) The difficulty in managing emotions is the most significant indicator that patients suffering from anxiety or mood disorders suffer.

The following symptoms are indications to get medical attention:

the feeling that life isn’t anymore worthwhile
Feeling like you want to feel like you want to
Hearing sounds or seeing something that others claim to be not seeing
experiencing a loss of consciousness or feeling as if may faint
Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA)
Pseudobulbar Effect (PBA)Trusted The source is a condition that affects individuals suffering from neurological issues or who have suffered brain injuries. Uncontrollable bouts of crying, laughing or anger are some of the most prominent symptoms of this condition.

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PBA is triggered in the event of a disconnection between the frontal lobe of emotion control as well as the cerebellum, and the brain stem.

PBA is it is a result of:

Parkinson’s Disease
brain tumors
brain injury
Schedule an appointment with your physician in the event that you exhibit any of the symptoms below:

experiencing emotions that have no reason or trigger
with frequent emotional outbursts
feeling sad and angry or thoughts of depression for the majority of the week.
Are you having difficulty communicating your emotions
Contact your doctor for help if you or your family member notices that you’re experiencing behavior or personality symptoms lasting longer than several days.

What is the cause of the inability to control your emotions being diagnosed?
Your doctor will start the process of diagnosing you by asking about your medical history and examining your present symptoms.

They could also go over all the medications you’re taking.

The most common medications are:

In some instances, Neuroimaging studies like CT scans, or MRIs can be conducted.

As many causes of having trouble controlling your emotions are related to mental disorders and disorders of the mind, your doctor may recommend you to a mental health specialist.

A lot of these conditions do not have tests that will give you a definitive diagnosis if you’re suffering from an underlying mental health issue.

How is the inability to control your emotions treated?
Treatment is dependent on the root reason for not being able to manage emotions.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that those who have diabetes are two to three times more likely to be suffering from signs of depression, like mood swings and irritability that can be connected with blood sugar levels.

Black woman with depressed emotion

Blood sugar levels that are low can be remedied by

tablets of glucose
Other sugary substances
People who have chronically low blood sugar levels may have to adjust their diets to take in more meals regularly.

Treatment for mental disorders could include psychotherapy and medication. They often require ongoing interventions to improve the control of emotions.

In addition to medications as well as therapy are numerous ways to offer self-care that aids in emotional regulation.

Maintaining a mood diary is an excellent instrument to monitor your mood when you’re struggling to manage them, as well as the actions you take to deal with feelings. Making a list of issues on paper can assist you in identifying problems more clearly and also help you find solutions to lessen anxiety and stress.

You can do this for a number of days or weeks in order to find patterns or themes that are consistent in your responses to difficult situations.


There are many reasons one might not be able to control their emotions. The issue of emotional lability is not just limited to people with mental disorders but can also be a problem for those who suffer from cognitive disorders, as well as those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.

If you’re experiencing the symptoms, speak with an expert in healthcare to determine the appropriate diagnosis and treatments.



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